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Our Team

We recognize that the demand for talent and leadership consulting has been rapidly increasing in the past few years. This is why we decided to gather the best individuals in the industry and create a company that will provide outstanding talent and leadership consulting IT services for both small and mid-sized businesses.

Each member of our team is equipped with years of experience under their belt in the fields of human resources, business management, education, and psychology. Every individual in the team also strongly believes that the best way for a company to succeed is to invest and nurture their talents.

Tom Williams

Tom Williams, CEO & Founder of 360 Consultant, is a very hard-working and passionate individual when it comes to helping others succeed in their businesses. Mr. Williams has been in the industry for years, accumulating experience that has helped him start his very own company. There is no one else that’s perfect to lead 360 Consultant at the helm.

Zahi Abdein

Managing Director

Zahi Abdein, Managing Director of 360 Consultant, plays a major part in the successful operations of 360 Consultant. Mr. Abdein is an industry veteran who is equipped with all the knowledge needed to fix various problems a company might face during various stages.

Eid Abu Eid

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